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BrickLink Parts Lists: How-To Guide and FAQ

Why does the XML file that was included in my order look like a bunch of gibberish?

Don't worry! The file is supposed to look like this. It is not a traditional PDF-style parts list; instead, it is a file that is meant to be uploaded to a "wanted list" on

How do I upload the XML file to BrickLink?

It is simple and free! You must create an account and then start a "wanted" list. You can then upload the XML file that you received in your order to this list, which will then generate an easy-to-use picture-style parts list for you to view. Can't find your XML file? It was included in the ZIP file that was emailed to you after your purchase. When opened, the ZIP folder will show two separate files: the PDF building instructions, and the XML file. If you are still having trouble finding your files, or if you are having difficulty navigating BrickLink, do not hesitate to email me via our contact page, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. More help can also be found here.


What is BrickLink? Is it reliable and secure?


Yes. BrickLink is the largest secondary marketplace for LEGO in the world. It was originally an independent and unaffiliated site, but it was recently purchased by the LEGO Group, further validating its legitimacy.


How can I purchase the LEGO bricks needed to build the model I purchased instructions for through BrickLink?


It is very simple! The reason I use this kind of parts file is solely because BrickLink makes it easy to buy all of the parts needed all in one place. Once you upload the XML file to your wanted list, a button will show up that gives you the option to buy the bricks that are included in the list. Usually, it won't be possible to order all of the parts for a larger order through a single store, but BrickLink makes it easy to cut down on the number of sellers needed to acquire all of your desired parts. In most cases, BrickLink will be able to display three to four stores that you can order from to get all of the bricks and pieces that you need. You can then pay for all of them in one place, through the BrickLink carts page.


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